Signature art

SCHMIDT and art: a story of passion and convictions.

Because we share a love for beauty, uniqueness, and discovery, SCHMIDT unveils an unprecedented artistic concept. Once a year, a new artist will enrich our communication with their artistic creativity. For our first edition, we are proud to feature the Swiss artist, Julien Carpi.

Julien Carpi

Our planet is covered with traces, those left by nature and, in particular, by humans. Our species exists in a temporal and spatial dimension where our traces are everywhere, constantly expanding, visible or hidden, indelible or ephemeral, fragrant, luminous, sonorous, pleasant, or disturbing. In all their forms, they condition our lives. Without them, we would lose all our reference points.

This is where the trace takes over, in the form of memories, reminiscences, positive or negative experiences; it influences the one who creates. Julien Carpi's creations are influenced by this ever-changing environment.

In search of innovative results, the technical constraints that he wants to ignore at all costs slow down his work. Driven by an uncompromising and constant quest, in 2009, after extensive research with the help of his father, a synthesis of materials was developed, opening up the creative perspectives he seeks.

His works reflect the environment through their surprising brilliance, their vibrant and changing colors, depending on the angle of view and the ambient light. This evolving perception allows each person to feel their own emotions. There is no need to interpret or understand; just look and dream.

TRACES 2012, 224 x 144cm
The influence of the trace

At the beginning of his work, the desire to express various dimensions through the trace led to the disappearance of the traditional canvas, replaced by an avant-garde three-dimensional support, contributing to the desired final expression.

TRACES 2012, 224 x 144 cm, private collection
TRACES 2012, 144 x 270 cm, private collection

Creative process

In a deterministic perspective, the notion of randomness is solely linked to the inability to fully comprehend certain phenomena.
Exploring randomness in complete freedom, being aware of the impossibility to predict and control certain processes in their complexity, forms the basis of the creative process.

TRACES 2022, detail

The emotional imagination of a moment

The trace is distinguished by the absence of matter, and the empty space defines the interpretation. The perception of the trace catalyzes the emotional imagination of a moment, expressing both serene atmosphere and the brutality of a specific event. In this approach, attempting to work in a rational manner is utopian.

By conceding a variable portion of the outcome to chance, the initiation of an uncontrollable dimension, which the brain cannot analyze, comprehend, or master, becomes conceivable.

TRACES 2019, 150 x 89 cm, private collection
TRACES 2019, 83 x 83 cm

Finding the right questions

One must directly reach the subconscious and relentlessly question everything because, in experimentation, the important thing is not to seek the right answers but to find the right questions.

The extreme complexity of the work done to achieve a surface that is simultaneously hard, malleable, and luminous is the result of a long uncompromising search.

TRACES 2014, 146 x 135 cm
TRACES 2019, 151 x 89 cm & 83 x 83 cm

Awakening emotions

On a tumultuous background, smoothed by multiple layers of binder, the nuanced monochromatic color reveals the environment of the event. It awakens emotions and defines a spiritual framework for the trace. Its brilliance envelops the surroundings through the reflection of light, revealing the texture of the painting in different ways depending on the light source and viewing angle.

TRACES 2015, 133 x 95 cm, private collection
TRACES 2016, 72 x 72 cm