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The SCHMIDT difference.

The SCHMIDT difference lies in our commitment to act responsibly and ethically, guided by strong values. We take pride in supporting causes that are close to our hearts and actively contributing to society. Discover our various commitments.

Schmidt Code of Ethics
Our Commitment to Ethical Excellence

At SCHMIDT, we owe it to our customers and ourselves to uphold, always and everywhere, the highest standards of ethics and professional conduct. Schmidt is a company focused on excellence. Our goals are clear: to deliver outstanding value to our customers through a dedicated and inclusive staff. To achieve this, we must truly be a company centered on people and customers, valuing performance, results, operational excellence, and teamwork.

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Encouraging personal development

We firmly believe that personal development is crucial for success in both professional and personal life. We encourage our employees to set ambitious goals and work on their personal growth. We also offer mentoring programs to support our team members in reaching their full potential.

SCHMIDT and Art: A Story of Passion

Because we share a love for beauty, uniqueness, and discovery, SCHMIDT unveils an unprecedented artistic concept. Twice a year, a new artist will enhance our communication with their creativity. For this inaugural exhibition, we are honoring the Swiss artist Julien Carpi.

Supporting children in difficult situations

We are committed to supporting communities in need and providing them with opportunities for a better future. We work with local organizations to provide educational and financial support. We also encourage our employees to get involved in volunteer projects to help the youth in their community.

Respecting the environment.

We are environmentally conscious and prioritize renewable energies, particularly hydroelectricity, to reduce our energy and resource consumption. We also support nature conservation projects and promote recycling to minimize our impact on the environment.