To provide you with technical skills that are above the norm, SCHMIDT real estate considers higher education and continuous improvement as a priority. We also encourage and support our employees’ personal development at every level of line management.

In addition to technical knowledge, we attach great importance to human skills when it comes to consulting and customer service.

To develop our workforce in the areas most relevant and useful to our customers, we continue to favour a high level of training in line with the current needs of the industry.

SCHMIDT real estate has partnered with the Eden Foundation, a Swiss-based NGO whose goal is to support the Bergerie orphanage in Cotonou, Benin. This NGO works to improve the lives of children at a disadvantage by donating logistical and financial support to all the infrastructure of the Bergerie, namely the orphanage, a school and a health centre.

We were deeply affected by the orphans’ living conditions and so decided to commit long term to contributing to their well-being, supporting them and accompanying them on their journey to adulthood.

We also offer our customers, employees and partners the chance to join us in our efforts with concrete and regular activities exclusively for the benefit of these children.

Aware of the role we have to play in the quality of life of future generations, we focus on real estate solutions that are both in harmony with the environment as well as economically realistic. As a result, we promote a responsible attitude towards sustainable development and strive for our construction and renovation projects to fulfil environmental standards.

Because we are mindful of the impact of our activities on the environment, we have chosen 100% hydroelectric power for our administrative centre.