Sell your property quickly, easily and at the best price

How can I sell my property quickly, easily and at the best price?
How can I ensure that my buyer is solvent?
How can I free myself up from all the viewings and tedious paperwork?
How can I limit the impact of my sale on my taxes?

SCHMIDT REAL ESTATE will be by your side and can take care of the entire sales process to guarantee success.


Our sales strategy is based on a reliable and proven process. At each stage, we offer exclusive services via a range of certified specialists and will advise you on all aspects of your sale.


  1. Preliminary steps: visit and appraisal of your property.
  2. Pre-market: analysis of official and technical documents, definition of business strategy and marketing efforts, creation of the sales file.
  3. Marketing strategy: certification of the sale price by an expert, selection of potential customers in our portfolio, advertising the property on our sales platform and specialised sites, organisation and monitoring of viewings, written reports.
  4. Negotiations: protection of the sale price, obtaining bids, advice on selling arrangements, guidance for potential buyers on sources of funding.
  5. Completion of sale: credit check of potential buyers, preparation of documents for the notary, verification of the deed of sale, coordination of the various stakeholders and management of all processes including signing.

When selling real estate developments, we also take care of your market research, feasibility studies, identifying sources of finance, marketing plans, and other processes. For more information, see our Managing your real estate project.


SCHMIDT REAL ESTATE is renowned for quality and professionalism applied to each assignment entrusted to us. Our knowledge of the market is a decisive benefit that we provide you with to sell your property with confidence, quickly, easily and at the best price.

Beyond simply the technical features, we always take into account the experiences, values and emotions you may want to convey. For us, every customer is unique and we guarantee a total commitment to each client in order to build a relationship of trust.


Our staff who specialise in tax provide you with the benefit of advice to optimise your position. They will explain the impact of your sale on your taxes and offer optimal solutions, according to current regulations, helping you make substantial savings.


Re-investing in real estate following a sale has many advantages, especially from a tax point of view. Our specialists will advise you and answer your questions concerning the deadlines for reinvestment, the type of assets and the various pitfalls to avoid.

Depending on your needs, we can also offer new assets to purchase from our own selection, as well as prices of assets sold by our competitors. We are at your disposal to analyse all the administrative documents, put you in touch with a financial institution or a tax expert and accompany you during the booking and acquisition procedures right up to signing of the deed of purchase.

Following the purchase, our staff who specialise in property or and real estate management are available to ensure professional management and optimum performance of your assets. For more information please see Managing your real estate portfolio.