Managing your real estate portfolio

Manage your real estate portfolio to enable you a sustainable growth of its value

Who can provide comprehensive management of my real estate?
How can I find interesting opportunities to acquire new buildings?
Whom can I contact to sell some of my real estate?
Who can conduct a full audit of my real estate assets?

SCHMIDT REAL ESTATE is committed to helping you increase the value of your real estate over the long term.


These three fundamental operations are at the heart of our investor, institutional and private clients' concerns.

The current economic environment, the proliferation of stakeholders and the complexity of legislation make real estate transactions difficult. Today, every experienced investor knows that it is essential to surround themselves with experienced professionals to benefit from expert advice and to complete successful sale and purchase transactions.


Our expertise in real estate appraisal is reinforced by our knowledge of financial, legal and tax solutions that allow us to provide our customers with options that are perfectly suited to their profitability targets and develop customised real estate strategies.


A detailed analysis of our customer base - revenues, costs, opportunities and risks plays a central role in our thinking.

Depending on the results of this analysis, we value their land and buildings that offer real development potential and also sell, on their behalf, assets that no longer correspond to their strategic objectives. Meanwhile, we search for new buildings and land that can play a significant role in developing their assets.


Our staff who specialise in tax are available for our customers to provide cutting-edge solutions, which are fully compliant with current regulations. These allow our customers to make significant savings.