Determine the value of a property accurately, in an objective and neutral manner

How is it possible to know the real value of a property to sell or buy at the right price?
How do you find a recognised expert who is known for their experience?
What renovation works will my rental property need?
Divorce, division of assets and inheritance: why call in a certified expert?

SCHMIDT REAL ESTATE is committed to providing accurate, objective, neutral estimates and assessments to give you an exact value and technical assessment of your property.


Expertise is a precious tool for decision-making in all real estate transactions. It is particularly recommended for:

  • Defining the selling price of a property in line with the market
  • Validating the purchase price of an asset you want and facilitating financing procedures
  • Knowing the status of a property, planning works and optimising its tax positions
  • Managing any official procedures such as an exchange, divicion of assets, divorce or inheritance
  • As part of a real estate development, to validate the purchase price of the land required and a detailed analysis of the profitability of any future investment


The location and construction but also the legal, economic and environmental aspects are all parameters to consider in any property valuation.

With our technical expertise and our excellent market knowledge, we conduct your appraisals professionally, with specific methods for each type of property: house, cottage, apartment, investment buildings, offices, industrial buildings and land.

All valuations and appraisals are performed by a property assessment expert with a federal certification.


  • Site visits, quantity surveying and photography
  • Analysis of administrative documents
  • Definition of intrinsic, market, liquidation and yield values
  • Review of the technical status
  • Identification of short and medium-term work required
  • Impact on rents
  • Detection of potential risks


Much less detailed than a real estate appraisal, a summary valuation gives a quick indication of the value of a property. This brief report considers the same aspects as the real estate appraisal, but based on an analysis that focuses on the essentials.

Other specific analyses

We can also advise you and help you define your real estate strategy via other specific analyses :

  • Market research
  • Feasibility study
  • Analysis and completion of financial plans
  • Marketing plan for a real estate development