Building and Renovation

Realize your projects according to your wishes

How can I manage my construction project as efficiently as possible?
How can I maintain and even increase the value of my property?
What short, medium and long-term renovations should I consider?
How can I finance my renovation project?

SCHMIDT REAL ESTATE is committed to completing your projects according to your desires and relieving you of all the hassles inherent in construction and renovation.


A construction project is both challenging and full of promise, but it is also often very complex. To save you time and energy, we are at your side to help you define the nature of your needs, analyse the feasibility of your project, seek funding and to obtain the building permit. We also provide planning, work monitoring and budget management right up to final delivery of your building.

For large-scale real estate projects, we also conduct your market research and feasibility studies, identify sources of finance, produce marketing plans, and deal with all the other steps necessary for the success of your real estate operation. For more information, please consult: Managing your real estate project.


Whether you want to maintain your property or equip it to increase its value, we put our expertise at your disposal to:

  • Assess the market value of your property before work
  • List the necessary renovations
  • Make a cost estimate
  • Obtain financing offers and evaluate options
  • Advise you on energy retrofits
  • Plan, coordinate and monitor work
  • Avoid unpleasant surprises throughout the process
  • Assess the market value of your property after work


During construction and/or renovation work, the rental value, the new market value of the property after work, and debt levels are all criteria that affect your taxes. In order to optimise your renovation work vis-a-vis your taxes, our staff who specialise in tax offer the best solutions to streamline the work schedule.